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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Continuing.... Boomers

Lots of babies were born during the Second World War, many more were born just after the end of the war. We are called the "Boomers", a short name for a phonomenem called the "Baby Boom". Thousands of soldiers coming home from the war celebrated with their wives, producing, literally, millions of babies.

I am a 'boomer', as is my sister, five cousins and a long list of second cousins and even an uncle, all of us boomers.

I was born during the war to a beautiful young woman and a handsome young doctor. My father had a special dispensation to not go to war, but to stay at home in America to tend to the mentally ill in a hospital 35 miles from my home town.

The family tells this story about my birth. My father, upon hearing that my mom was in labor, took the bus home and ran the last few blocks to arrive at the home of my great aunt, where my mother was in labor, just about the time I arrived in this world. My sister, who would arrive 18 months later would be born in a hospital. I, however was born at home. My mother discovered how painful childbirth was and was not going to go through that again. Smart lady.

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